Only a leisurely journey is a journey.

African saying

Every safari trip is an adventure on its own – whereat adventure can have quite different understandings for each individual person. So what is the kind of adventure you are longing for? Looking to the topic from the perspective of the safari travel mode may help to find the perfect trip for you.

At this level we are not yet checking destinations. In general we are offering safaris in Namibia and Botswana. All trips presented can be booked as is or used as a source of inspiration to design your individual safari experience.

Key questions to your safari travel mode

  • getting to know other people sharing your passion in a group travel?
  • curious to learn and discover as much as possible while being guided throughout the complete journey?
  • enjoy having an organized trip but tackle it on your own?
  • be most self-reliant by only have your car and your creativity?
lion cup on tree - a wildlife discovery you can have on a safari travel - Dusty Trails Safaris Namibia & Dusty Car Hire Namibia

What is your level of adventure and freedom?

Choose your favorite safari travel mode and proceed to the details

bushwalk with bushmen/ san people Namibia - Dusty Trails Safaris Namibia & Dusty Car Hire Namibia
Get to know new people & have guidance?

Safari Group Trip

Go on pre-built trips with a mixed group of people and discover wildlife while a guide will take care of your experiences along the trip.

animals nearby in Etosha National Park Namibia - Dusty Trails Safaris Namibia & Dusty Car Hire Namibia
Follow a prepared plan, but own travelling?

Self Drive Safari

Find your own experiences by going on a pre-built or individually made up self drive trip with your family or friends.

Toyota Landcruiser DoubleCab - Dusty Trails Safaris Namibia & Dusty Car Hire Namibia
Do it yourself trip, but equipment needed?

4×4 Car Rental

You want to plan and run completely your own trip? We can supply your safari car and camping gear.

Need some general information about safari travelling?

No worries just have a look into our travel info and blog section. We are continuously adding news, travel information, health and safety hints as well as useful tips and tricks related to safari travelling. In case of any questions please always feel free to contact us.