Being open and transparent is an important asset to us. For that reason you can find our general terms and conditions in the following sections.

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Booking & Reservations

The accommodation facilities and vehicle type/bus are dependent on availability.

All the accommodation images used in the quote are examples and are dependent on the type of room booked. Variations are thus possible.

We reserve the right to, without prior notice, increase the rates accordingly should any Government taxes or levies be amended or should a further tax or levy be introduced or should the exchange rate changes.

For us to be able to confirm a booking for you, we need a deposit of 25%. The booking will be kept on a provisional basis for a few days (depending on how short notice the booking is); if the deposit has not been received by the set date the provisional bookings will automatically be released. The final payment is due 4 weeks before travel date. In some exceptional cases (i.e. US Dollar bookings, special bookings, Christmas bookings, etc.) the payment terms might vary. Dusty Trails Safaris will then forward these special payment terms to you. For any bookings in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe a 100% payment would be due to confirm the booking. 

For bookings within the 60 days prior to arrival limit, we require a full payment so that we can confirm the bookings and prepay the suppliers.

Dusty Trails Safaris expressly reserves the right to cancel any reservations where payment has not been made on the due date and is entitled to claim damages in terms of the cancellation policy for all possible damages suffered due to the clients breach and the client hereby expressly accepts such rights. 

Should one or more traveller(s) fail to join a tour, join it after departure or leave it prior to completion, no refund will be made and no credit granted. Travellers should ensure that they at all times have appropriate insurance cover.  

Payment & Cancellation

PAYMENT VIA BANK TRANSFER: Please take note that the onus is upon the client to pay for ANY and ALL bank fees, exchange rate fluctuations or any other deductions. The exact amount invoiced has to reach our account otherwise the tour cannot be confirmed. You can find payment details in your invoice or in out deposits and payment section

Standard Cancellation Policy

All cancellations will become valid on the date of receipt of a written notice, cancelling the reservations.

  • Cancellation prior to 60 days of the starting date of your booking with Dusty Trails Safaris – 30% deposit is forfeited.
  • Cancellation less than 60 days but more than 46 days prior to the booking date with Dusty Trails Safaris – 60% of total cost is forfeited. 
  • Cancellation less than 45 days prior to the booking date with Dusty Trails Safaris – 100% of total cost is forfeited.

Please note that certain of our suppliers’ cancellation policies may be more stringent and therefore Dusty Trails Safaris holds the right to forward such additional cancellation charges to the client. 

For any bookings in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe a 100% cancellation fee would be due.

Flight cancellations, delays or rebooking by the airline do not fall within our area of responsibility or authority and Dusty Trails Safaris cannot be held accountable or liable.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

Cancellations due to COVID regulations in Namibia and prevent travel to Namibia will be refunded or a voucher for future use will be given. This includes the confirmation deposit. In case one of the people in your group get COVID-19 just before departure to Namibia the normal cancellation policy will be use. Please ensure that you have travel insurance that will cover you in such an event.

Passport, Visa and other travelling formalities

Please note that your passport must have 2 consecutive side by side blank visa pages (i.e. a left and a right hand page). Should your passport not comply with these requirements, you will either not be permitted to board the aircraft or risk deportation on arrival at your destination. Furthermore, please note that while entering many African Countries you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the entry date. Failure to adhere to this regulation may result in immediate deportation at own cost. In such a case Dusty Trails Safaris cannot be held accountable or liable.

A parent/grandparent travelling with children, without the other parent/parents, will need a police certified letter of consent from the absent parent/s. 

Visa requirements: As the visa requirements in Africa get changed and amended from time to time, it is strongly advised that you visit the consulate of the country which you are travelling to, in your home country, in time to get the necessary documentation. Dusty Trails Safaris cannot be held accountable or liable. 


Dusty Trails Safaris shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expenses of any nature whatever suffered by the client or any traveller arising from: a) the loss of or any damage to property; b) the cancellation or curtailment of any tour; c) sickness, quarantine, weather conditions, war riots, and/or any other cause of any nature whatsoever.

Dusty Trails Safaris accepts no liability for the death or injury or damage to any person arising out of any act or any supplier, whether as a result of negligence or otherwise. The client and traveller shall be deemed to have waived, renounced and abandoned any and all rights and entitlements to which the client and the traveller may be entitled under the provision of the law of the Republic of Namibia for any loss or damage to person and/or property.

Health Requirements

Please visit your doctor before travelling to Africa to make sure that you have all the required and necessary inoculations and a malaria prophylaxis where required. Dusty Trails Safaris cannot be held accountable or liable. 

Travel- & Health insurance

Please make sure that you have the necessary insurance before you depart. Dusty Trails Safari cannot be held accountable or liable.

Luggage & Travelleling

One standard set of luggage, comprising of one suitcase and a one overnight bag per person is allowed. Luggage should be clearly marked.

It is obviously not possible for all travellers to occupy front row seats throughout the tours. So as to have as many passengers as possible enjoy front row seats, the driver/guides have been instructed to implement a policy of rotation of seats.

In accordance with international practice and as a courtesy to non-smoking passengers, the traveller’s co-operation is required in implementing a policy of non-smoking on the vehicles/buses. At no time and under no circumstance is smoking permitted inside the vehicles/buses. The driver/guide will ensure that sufficient comfort stops are made to enable travellers to smoke outside.  

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