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Share your adventure with others

A Group safari is often the best choice for your first safari. You will join a group of other guests to share your adventure with and discuss about your experiences in the evening at the fireplace while enjoying a cold drink. A local guide will attend the trip driving you to the destinations, help to find sightings and explain about discovered wildlife, nature and culture. Being guided along the trip helps you take make more out of your trip. Be sure – spotting animals in the bush sounds easy but needs a trained eye and good knowledge about their behaviour to be able to find them.

The accommodation in group safaris can be camping or lodging. Depending on the accommodation your contact to the group may vary. On a lodging trip it is quite easy to withdraw yourself from the group to get some time on your own. Whereas in a camping trip your are a with the group most of the time. You can find further information to the different ways of accommodation at find your trip by accommodation.

By the way: if you want to have guiding along your trip but do not want to join others – you can have your own group trip with your family and friends. Feel free to ask in your enquiry.

What to expect on a group safari

  • having a guide along the trip taking care of
    • driving to the different destinations
    • supporting you to spot animals
    • tell you about wildlife, nature and culture
  • joining a mixed group of people
  • have jour own group trip with your family and friends
  • choose in between camping or lodging as your preferred accommodation

Some impressions

Our group safaris for your inspiration

Dusty Trails Safaris Namibia is specialized to individual safari experiences. Still we are always offering some pre-build trips you can directly head for our simply use as a source of inspiration to design your own safari adventure. Feel free to browse choose the trip you like. We can fit it to your desires after your enquiry.

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