Get your camping rental car with rooftop tent in Namibia

When going on camping trips in Namibia or Botswana many people like to choose a rental car with rooftop tent. For that reason we extended our 4×4 car rental fleet. You can get almost every type of 4×4 car we are offering also equipped with a rooftop tent. Of course the classical version of camping cars with rooftop tent are the double cab pick-ups. These are offering up to 2 tents which allow you to do camping with up to 4 people in one car. Apart from that we also offer our Safari SUVs with rooftop tent options. This way you can almost feel like driving your car at home. In the same time you are able to put up your camp nice and quickly to start enjoying the beauty of nature.

What is the advantage of a rooftop tent?

The biggest advantage of rooftop tents is the ease of assembly. You only need to remove the tent cover, unfold it and pull out the ladder. So you can put up camp very easy and fast at the same time.

Also a lot of people feel saver when sleeping on top of their car. Especially when doing camping at some more remote places or at campsites that allow wildlife to freely roam around.

Last but not least a rooftop tent will give you a nice view about the landscape while getting up in the mornings. It might even be that you do not want to get up, but stay in your sleeping bag  – enjoying the scenery.

camping double cab with rooftop tent - showing tent entry

Got Curious? Enjoy browsing our rental cars with rooftop tents in Namibia!

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Toyota Fortuner Safari SUV with rooftop tent

Toyota Fortuner Safari SUV

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the favorite cars when it comes to lodging trips. It is a modern and well equipped SUV suitable as well for long trips. As it is based on the Toyota Hilux platform it still provides full 4×4 capabilities.

From N$1955.00
Toyota Land Cruiser Double Cab with rooftop tent

Safari Land Cruiser double-cab

The Toyota Land Cruiser represents the classic 4×4 safari car. Easy to handle but durable and long lasting – it is made to bring you to all destinations. The car offers space for 2-4 persons and is ideal for camping safaris due to is 4×4 capabilities combined with big storage space.

From N$2125.00
2022 IZUZU D-Max Double Cab with rooftop tent

ISUZU Camping car with rooftop tent

The ISUZU D-MAX is the most modern double cab in out 4×4 car rental offerings. It is especially equipped for camping including 2 rooftop tents.
Providing a start of the art entertainment system and an easy to drive spirit it is ideal for your next camping trip.

From N$1870.00