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Find your relaxation after exciting days of nature experiences

A Lodge safari is a good choice if you want to combine comfort and relaxation with the adventures of the African bush. The lodges typically offer different classes of rooms to serve with luxury accommodation as well as cheaper options to fit for budget travelers. After long days of driving and searching for wildlife coming back into the lodge and enjoying a nice shower, delicious dinner and a cold drink at the bar may help you to enjoy your time even more.

The lapa – the dining and bar areas are charmingly designed usually offer spectacular view over the landscape or even private waterholes. Enjoying this you can even consider spending a full day enjoying game watching from the lodge lapa. Most lodges also offer different activities in the close range of the lodge. If are looking for trip where you can stay longer at one destination those offers are key to combine relaxed travels with nice wildlife activities.

If you are new to safari traveling or you like to enjoy a bit of exotic luxury we recommend lodging safaris to you.

Guided or self drive?

Also in this type of safari both is possible. In a guided group trip lodging safaris are usually the best combination of travelling together and enjoying the knowledge of a local guide but still leave room for your privacy. Especially when going on your first self drive safari it can be much more relaxing to use lodge accommodation. The lodges and their service will help making your travels more comfortable. Furthermore wildlife watching is always easier being guided. For that reason the game activities offered by the lodges may increase your success in finding wildlife. Not sure yet? – try our safari travel finder to get to know the differences.

What to expect on a lodge safari?

  • private rooms / bungalows or tented huts
  • private bathrooms
  • restaurant & bar offerings
  • pool and lounge areas
  • game drive, hiking or bush walk activities by the lodge

Some impressions

Our lodge safaris for your inspiration

Dusty Trails Safaris Namibia is specialized to individual safari experiences. Still we are always offering some pre-build trips you can directly head for our simply use as a source of inspiration to design your own safari adventure. Feel free to browse choose the trip you like. We can fit it to your desires after your enquiry.

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