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Accidents can happen – even if nobody wants them to.

This can become a huge problem since in most African countries there is no obligation to have an insurance for a car – so every damage can directly get your damage. To prevent you from such unwanted situations all the Dusty rental cars do have a proper set of insurances that are included in the rental price.

For being able to react to emergency situations and always stay in the insurance boundaries all cars are equipped with a GPS tracking systems that monitor speed and impacts of the car.

You can decide the level of insurance. We do offer different insurance packages. Depending on your level of experience you can decide, what level of coverage your trip and driving-skills may require.

Important to know about car insurances in southern Africa

No obligations for car insurances

Other then in most Western countries there is NO obligation to have any vehicle insurances. For that reason the majority of the cars on the roads are not insured which means that the car owners will be liable to cover potential damages. This can be a dangerous gamble considering the usual costs related with car accidents. For this reason it is very important to have your rental car covered with a proper insurance.

Every insurance includes excess rates

Due to the fact that there is no obligation for vehicle insurances, any insurance in this area is considered as a “high risk insurance”. This also explains why vehicle insurances are quite expensive in general. Also, insurance packages always include an excess rate for that reason. The excess rate defines the value that needs to be covered by the customer in case of damages.

Focus of the vehicle insurances is Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection. This means they only cover traffic accidents and vehicle theft. As usual the coverage will be only given if the customer complied with regulations, traffic rules and did not act in negligence. Excess rates highly depend on the booked insurance package – the better your insurance package, the lower the excess rates.

You can find detailed information about the current valid insurance packages and regulations in your rental contract or down below here.

Excess rates for accessories

There are no insurance packages available for rented accessories like camping equipment, GPS systems or sat phones. These accessories have separate excess rates for in case you should break them. You can find the valid excess rates for accessories during the online booking process.

What is the difference in between the insurance levels?

Standard Cover

The standard cover insurance package is always included into the basic rental price. You cannot rent a car without this level of insurance. The Standard Cover package will only cover traffic accidents & theft considering the related excess rate of the rented car. As this is the basic cover excess rates are highest with the standard cover.

Gold Cover

As an option you can bool the Gold Cover insurance package. This package will also cover traffic accidents & theft, comparable to the Standard Cover insurance. Main difference is that you will have lower excess rates. As rule of thumb you save about 40% of the excess rates compared to Standard Cover. You can find detailed information about the excess rates in the rental contract details.

Super Cover

If you want best cost protection in case of any issues, we recommend to book the Super Cover insurance package as an option. It covers traffic accidents & theft with minimal excess rates (about N$ 4500). Additionally the 1st damaged windshield and the 1st damaged tire are free of charge. Additional damages cannot be covered. Insurance packages covering all damages with zero excess are not available as they would be too expensive for usual travel budgets.

How will your rental contract look like?


This document contains the terms and conditions of the vehicle rental agreement as well as all the information related to the short-term insurance and excesses for rented vehicles.


DTS: Dusty Trails Safaris CC, Reg. No CC/2019/00397 hereafter called DTS.

Vehicle: The rental vehicle as stated in the Rental Contract and the replacement vehicle, should it become necessary, and which is owned by DTS.

Client: The person who signs this agreement, accepts responsibility for the vehicle and/or a replacement vehicle that DTS rents out, and oversees paying the short-term insurance excess and all associated penalties, be it the client, renter, driver or anyone else.

Single vehicle accident (own damage): Losing control over the vehicle, rolling the vehicle, bumping any object or animal while driving the vehicle, accidents without involvement of a third-party vehicle. At all times obtain a police report within 24 hours of the incident taking place.

Traffic and Third-party Accident: An accident where another vehicle or pedestrian was involved, or one where a third-party’s property was damaged.

Penalties: Additional amount payable, should there be any, because of driving over the speed limits of this contract or any misuse of the vehicle.

Excess: The amount that the client must pay for the mandatory short-term insurance excess that they select in this contract.

Short-term Insurance Background

DTS provides short-term insurance with different excess options.

It is important to note and understand that there are significant differences in comparison to Western countries regarding vehicle insurance and liability in case of damages. For example, in most of the Southern African countries such as Namibia and Botswana, it is not mandatory to have any vehicle insurance. This effectively implies that most of the vehicles have no insurance at all and in the event of an accident or damage, the owners and/or users of the vehicles are individually liable for damages and compensation.

Insurance Cover and Excesses

Short term insurance is covering the following:

Traffic accidents as per short term policy wording and on conditions that:

  • there is no incidence or situation of negligence
  • no driving under the influence
  • anything else specifically excluded in this contract
  • driving with a valid driver’s license with the correct code for the vehicle

IMPORTANT – All insurance will become NULL AND VOID on:

  • Driving over this contract’s speed limits
  • Night driving
  • Negligence

All rental vehicles are insured but the following are not covered:

  • pop-up roofs
  • windows
  • windscreens
  • rims
  • tires
  • sandblast damage
  • any negligence

The client is responsible for all these as well as the excess they selected as per excess list below, irrespective of the cause of the accident, the guilty person or any third-party involvement.

On hand-over of the rented vehicle, the agreed excess will be blocked (authorization only) on the client’s credit card (VISA or MasterCard). The excess amount will be blocked (authorization only) and not be taken out of the credit card. This authorization will automatically expire upon the vehicle’s return without damages.

Excess Options

The following table shows the excess fees per vehicle and insurance package.

Vehicle DescriptionExcess 1 limits
Standard Cover
Excess 2 limits
Gold Cover
Excess 3 limits
Super Cover
ISUZU D-MAX Double Cab N$ 55000N$ 35000N$ 4500
Toyota Land Cruiser Double CabN$ 55000N$ 35000N$ 4500
Toyota Land Cruiser 200 seriesN$ 70000N$ 35000N$ 4500
Toyota FortunerN$ 55000N$ 28000N$ 4500
ISUZU MU-XN$ 60000N$ 40000N$ 4500
8-10 Seaters (different makes)N$ 70000N$ 40000N$ 4500
Ford FigoN$ 9000N$ 5000N$ 3500

Excess 1: Standard excess (compulsory unless reduced excess is bought)

Standard Excess is always compulsory unless another excess is selected and paid for to reduce as per option Excess 2 or 3.

Excess 2: Gold Cover

Rate for 10 days and more: N$300.00 per day

Rate for less than 10 days: Flat amount of N$ 3,000.00

Excludes: – pop-up roofs, – windows, – windscreen, – rims, – tires, – sandblast damage -single vehicle accidents, – any negligence

Excess 3: Super Cover

Rate for 10 days and more: N$400.00 per day

Rate for less than 10 days: Flat amount of N$ 4,000.00

Excludes: – pop-up roofs, – windows, – rims, – sandblast damage – single vehicle accidents, -any negligence.

Benefit: The client will not be responsible for the 1st damaged Windscreen and the 1st damaged Tyre. The 2nd damaged windscreen and/or tire will be the client’s responsibility.

Important: “Excess 3: Super Cover” cannot be compared with the European “Full Casco” or “All Risk” insurance, where all damages are covered regardless of the cause or the guilt.


This is the situation when the driver and/or the passengers or anyone who is not specifically stated in the contract as a driver, are not behaving according to the law, the terms and conditions of the rental agreement or general regulations.

Examples of negligence, where the insurance does not cover damages are:

  • speeding, exceeding limits stipulated in this contract, irrespective of road signs
  • driving under the influence
  • crossing on a red traffic light
  • driving through water (rivers, swamp, sea), where the water level reaches higher than the axel of the vehicle
  • misuse of clutch, gears, engine, mechanical or any part of the vehicle
  • night driving

In case any of the above mentioned, or incorrect use or misuse of clutch, gears and engine of the vehicle by the driver of the vehicle that results in damage to any of these parts or overheating of the vehicle will always be the responsibility of the client.

Insurance Exclusions – which is the client’s responsibility

Specific damages which are not covered by the insurance:

  • burn damage, for example, damage caused by cigarettes, matches and / or lighters
  • damage caused by walking, standing, stepping on the roof, bonnet, door or inappropriate use of any part of the vehicle
  • damage caused by rolling the vehicle, with or without the involvement of another party
  • all damaged glass, windows, windscreens, (except the 1st windscreen damage where the client is responsible for the excess only and DTS will carry the balance, if Excess 3 Super Cover is purchased)
  • damaged tires, example punctures, leaks, improper inflation, excessive weight, driving over sharp objects, potholes or other rough surfaces, kerbing and braking too harshly and/or improper use of the vehicle
  • any damage caused by driving through water
  • all damage caused by sandstorms, and/or sandblasting
  • damage of personal and passengers’ belongings
  • damage to the pop-up roof, in any situation (driving with an open pop-up roof is not allowed)
  • damage to the camping gear
  • any mechanical damage caused by misuse of the vehicle or negligence (this does not include normal wear and tear)
  • overheating of the engine


Every one of our vehicles is equipped with a GPS Tracking Box which allows for constant monitoring, activates cellphone tracking alarms when speeding and submits email reports.

Speed limits

IRRESPECTIVE of road signs displayed next to the road

  • Town: 60 km/hour
  • Gravel Roads: 80 km/hour
  • Highways: 110 km/hour
  • Safari 10-Seater vehicles – 100 km/h on tarred roads (as per tourism regulations)

INSURANCE BECOMES NULL AND VOID: If you exceed these speed limits all insurances
lapse and become invalid (null and void).

PENALTY PAYABLE FOR SPEEDING: If you consistently go over our speed limits, our
tracking system records will substantiate, prove, and confirm and you will be fined up to
N$1500.00 per incident.

I, ________________________________________________ (name) hereby declare that I understand the speed limits and the penalties due to speeding.

Signed at __________________________________ on the _______ day of ___________ (month) of ______ year.

______________________________________________________ Client Signature

______________________________________________________ Signature Dusty Trails Safaris CC representative

Night driving specifications

Driving after sunset is NOT ALLOWED! Insurance cover becomes null and void at night driving.

Winter months’ time limits (June to September) No driving between 18h00 and 07h00

Summer months’ time limits (October to July) No driving between 19h00 and 06h00

Driving in towns and in cities by night is allowed.

Theft of the rented vehicle

Theft of the rented vehicle is covered on condition that:

  • the client behaved responsible
  • parked the vehicle in a safe place
  • locked the vehicle
  • return the original vehicle keys

A full police report is compulsory, in case of carjacking. Carjacking must be proved and confirmed by the police report.

Tire damage

Condition: The minimum profile of the tires on hand over of the vehicle to the client will be 60% for the mounted tires and 40% for spare tires. It must be checked for and signed off by client.

All tire damage is the client’s responsibility. If Excess 3 Super Cover is purchased, Dusty will fix the 1st damaged tire, and the client will only be liable for the 2nd and more damaged tires.

In case of a puncture or a damaged tire, the client has two options: They can get it fixed or buy a new tire of the same brand as the damaged tire.

This needs to be immediately reported to DTS’s office, since we have pre-approved tire vendors and brands. Next, we
will provide guidance on the next steps that need to be taken.

When returning the vehicle, the client will be charged for the damaged tire because the damaged tire must be replaced with a new one. Repaired tires or tires of another brand are not accepted.

The client won’t be charged for a new tire. They will be charged for the mm’s of profile which was on the original tire on hand over. In case the client purchased a new tire of the correct brand, he will be refunded for the extra mm’s, calculated per percentage, but on DTS’s supplier’s price.

Sand blast – Sandstorms Procedure

In the event of a sandstorm, lower your speed as much as possible and look for temporary shelter. The insurance does not cover sandstorm-related damages.

Sandstorms are typically caused by extremely strong eastern winds and happen near the coast.

Police reports

Police reports are compulsory! It is demanded to have a complete police report in the event of any damage or theft. Take as many pictures as possible of damages and all surrounding the area related to the event. There is no exception to this condition.

No Towing and Towing costs

Our vehicles may not be towed under any circumstances. When a breakdown occurs, notify the DTS office immediately on + 264 81 304 5744 OR +264 81 337 1611 which is the local emergency numbers. We will advise on further procedures.

In the event of an accident or other excluded condition, the client is responsible for paying any towing costs. DTS and the insurance do not cover these costs, unless it is an unforeseen mechanical breakdown.

The expense of towing due to an overheated engine or damaged clutch or any mechanical misuse of the vehicle is not covered by insurance, is not covered by DTS, and must be paid for by the client.

Claims handling fee

The client is responsible for paying any administrative expenses (sometimes known as “claim handling fees”) associated with any damages.

Conditions of extras

FULL FUEL TANK: The vehicle will be delivered with a full tank, and it must be returned with a full tank.

CLEAN VEHICLE: The return of an excessively dirty vehicle will result in a N$ 1200.00 valet service fee to be paid by the client.

I, ________________________________________________ (name) hereby declare that I understand all the above.

Signed at __________________________________ on the _______ day of ___________ (month) of ______ year.

______________________________________________________ Client Signature

______________________________________________________ Signature Dusty Trails Safaris CC representative

Manual Vehicles

I, ________________________________________________ (name) hereby declare that I can properly drive a manual transmission car. I also declare that I did test drive this rental vehicle and found the clutch to be in perfect working order.

Signed at __________________________________ on the _______ day of ___________ (month) of ______ year.

______________________________________________________ Client Signature

______________________________________________________ Signature Dusty Trails Safaris CC representative

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