Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

Ancient Chinese wisdom

Choose your travelling habits as the starting point

Everybody has its own personality and preferences. Your vacation is meant to please your body and soul. To make sure this turns out as supposed we want to help you to find “your way of discovering africa”.

First things first – Of course there are a lot things to consider when planning a new journey. Let’s start with the easy things. What is a safari? Safaris are travels though African countries focusing on nature and wildlife. In earlier days wildlife was rather of interest for hunting purposes. In the meantime the understanding changed fortunately towards shooting photos instead of bullets. Nowadays safari travels are even a very important factor to support wildlife conservancy in African countries.

What is the Safari Finder useful for?

There is various ways you can do a safari trip. A vast choice of accommodation, different variants of travelling itself from doing everything all alone up to guided group safaris. The Safari Finder is supposed to support in finding the answer to “what is the right safari for you?”.

Once you have a glimpse of what kind of safari you would like there is another choice waiting for you. On the website you find different pre-build trips, that can be either booked as is or individualized to your personal desires! Dusty Trails Safaris Namibia is specialized in creating individual safari experiences. Our main destinations are Namibia and Botswana. Please feel free to contact us and let’s create your safari also fitting to your schedule and budget.

Start choosing what is more important to you – the safari finder will guide your way.


Lodging vs. Camping

… this is the main question to be answered related to your accomodation.
Logding safaris offer the comfort and service after long and exhausting days in the bush. Camping safaris are offering the non-stop bush and wildlife feeling.

Way of travelling

Group vs. Individual trip

Getting to know new people from different countries and participate also from the experiences of the others are key points of group trips. Or do you want to explore Africa all on your own with family and friends? By the way: you can get a guide in both variants.

Need some general information about safari travelling?

No worries just have a look into our travel info and blog section. We are continuously adding news, travel information, health and safety hints as well as useful tips and tricks related to safari travelling. In case of any questions please always feel free to contact us.