The rainy season 2021

The rainy season in Namibia starts in December / January – when temperatures are between 30-35 Celsius degrees. The rain especially likes to fall in the evening hours – if it does. Rain is something very special for every Namibian – it means life and continuity! That is why every potential rain cloud as well as every falling raindrop is joyfully welcomed and celebrated.

Right at the start of 2021, tropical storm “Chalane” brought copious amounts of rain to central and northern areas of Namibia. The journey continued via various coastal cities, before the south and east of the country were also able to enjoy the life-giving wet good!

After the last extensive rain fell in the 2011 season (total 1,222 mm), the first 228mm are a real blessing!

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What’s special about Rain 2021

The rain this season has already filled areas with water that normally lie dried up, in parts are even dry rivers. Thus, both Sossusvlei and Sesriem Canyon are filled with water, providing adventure and entertainment for visitors.

Even the Etosha Pan, which most visitors know only as a dried-up salt and clay landscape, has already filled with water this year. A natural spectacle of a very special kind, which is not offered to the visitor every year!

Importance of rain for Namibia

But why are the peoples of Namibia so happy about rain? There are many reasons for this.

The first priority is the need to replenish water reservoirs in the country’s villages and towns. Considering that the last abundant rains fell 10 years ago, one can imagine that both people and animals could hardly find water or food especially in the past years.

Water means life – only with water can plants grow and thus ensure the necessary basic supply for humans and animals. So both agriculture and wildlife depend on it. And as a reward, people are rewarded with the lush green flora.

Tourism also benefits from the rain! If there is enough water and thus food, the wildlife populations are not threatened either – and this at least increases the chances of finding them on a safari. Furthermore, the current water masses provide the basis for special phenomena to emerge. So this year there are the special Sandhof Lilies to marvel at. This natural spectacle can only be marveled at when very special circumstances coincide – unfortunately only for very few days…

So rain means hope in many ways – and deserves to be greeted with a rain dance!

Rain as a risk?

Can rain also be seen as a risk? The events of the last few years have shown it all over the world.

Roads can be washed out – so special attention is required when driving. In flat parts of the country, entire areas can be flooded. Also, too much rain at once can trigger a landslide in the hilly regions.

Generally speaking, Namibians are quick to repair such obstacles.

Rain is worth a trip to Namibia

Do you want to get to know Namibia from a whole new perspective? New color plays in nature and rare natural spectacles are just waiting for you in 2021 as a reward!

What special experiences are very likely to be possible this year in the coming weeks and months still due to the rain:

  • Sandhof Lilies (only directly at the beginning of the rainy season)
  • filled water holes in many national parks
  • Dry rivers have water, e.g. Sossusvlei, Sesriem Canyon, Etosha Pan, which invites for a refreshment or even a bath in a very special scenery
  • filled pools of water in the Bushmanland, which should attract the flamingos
  • special driving experiences through green, diverse nature as well as muddy areas
  • Large wildlife populations, well-fed with sufficient water and food
  • and much more!

Right now, let your dreams inspire you to travel to this land of spectacular natural experiences! Come with us to Namibia – as a self-drive safari or guided tour. Together we are sure to find your perfect travel combination. Contact us – we are looking forward to meeting you!

Your Dusty Team

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