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Toyota Land Cruiser Double Cab with rooftop tent

Safari Land Cruiser double-cab

The Toyota Land Cruiser represents the classic 4×4 safari car. Easy to handle but durable and long lasting – it is made to bring you to all destinations. The car offers space for 2-4 persons and is ideal for camping safaris due to is 4×4 capabilities combined with big storage space.

From NAD$1,350.00
2022 IZUZU D-Max Double Cab with rooftop tent

IZUZU Camping car with rooftop tent

The 2022 IZUZU D-MAX Double Cab is our newest offering in 4×4 car rentals. It is especially equipped for camping including 2 rooftop tents.
Providing a start of the art entertainment system and an easy to drive spirit it is ideal for your next camping trip.

From NAD$1,350.00