Number of Seats: 9-10 Transmission: manual Fuel: diesel Required Driving License: car Air-Con: yes
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Ideal for small group tours

This Toyota Hilux Safari 9-Seater is custom rebuild to perfectly fit small safari group tours. The custom platform is made for good travelling comfort and perfect view on safari tours. For smooth communication between guide and passenger there is an open cabin as well as an integrated speaker system.

Toyota Hilux Safari 9 Seater

This safari special vehicle offers space for 9 passengers + a driver and is thus specially designed for safaris in small groups. As a base platform serves a Toyota Hilux. Thus, the special conversion is also almost like a normal car to drive. Due to the lighter Hilux platform also no truck driving license is necessary, which makes it very attractive for trips in the family or circle of friends. Also on journeys into the area must not be renounced with the Toyota Hilux Safari 9-seater. All-wheel drive and powerful engine, together with higher chassis make it possible.
Passengers can enjoy comfortable seats and always have a good overview of the landscape, as well as the next photo motif, thanks to the headroom and panoramic roof. The storage space for luggage is limited so that the vehicle is particularly suitable for lodge safaris. For camping safaris or larger amounts of luggage we recommend an additional trailer. This is also available at Dusty Car Hire Namibia.

Our Hilux Safari 9-Seater for safari tour operators

All our Namibian rental cars are not only available for private car hire but also for other tour operators. This especially applies to the special purpose vehicles. If your safari business needs such a car, please feel free to contact us.


  • custom build coach platform
  • panorama windows and popup rooftop
  • higher suspension for more comfort and better view

Daily rates

Our daily rates are adopted to the season as well as the amount of days your want to rent the vehicle.

Please be aware that your chosen insurance level as well as additional camping equipment may influence the pricing. During your car rental inquiry, we will clarify your needs and advise you on the selection of the vehicle and equipment. This way we can ensure that you get the best vehicle at the best price.

Camping Equipment

With every rental car you also get your needed camping equipment.

The following items are generally available:

  • camping trailer
  • tents, mattresses, camping beds
  • cooking sets, barbecue sets, cutlery
  • fridge / freezer combination in different sizes
  • chairs, tables, storage boxes, camping lights

Included Services

As per our standard services the following services are included:

  • unlimited mileage
  • insurance
  • GPS tracking & speed warning to stay in insurance limits
  • vehicle recovery equipment

Excluded Services

As per our standard services the following services are excluded:

  • driver / guide
  • fuel
  • vehicle / road fees at boarder crossing
  • park fees
  • damages not covered by the insurance